Program Outcomes

  • Improve transition experience for incoming student athletes

  • Increase retention rate

  • Provides an opportunity for coaches to focus on coaching

  • Improve teamwork and team dynamics

  • Fosters intercultural communication

  • Enrich the understanding of teammates, coaches, and the spirit of competiton

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See what mentors are saying

Jillanna Scanlan Sutton

"Being a mentor for A2A was such a rewarding experience. I loved having a chance to get to know the incoming athletes and make them feel comfortable on campus, both academically and athletically. Being a mentor also helped me grow as a leader."

Seth Wiedel

“This program has led me to think of others more and give back to the team by helping out incoming athletes make a smooth transition. I think it has a great value and more experience will make it better in the years to come.”

Bjorn Barrefors

“Being a mentor has improved how I communicate with people and think on my feet to get important information through. It’s another challenge to master, how to make an impact on other peoples lives. It’s also been fun getting to know both new people on the team and improve relationships with current athletes being mentors with me.”

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